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Veranika Lis

We all inhabit different levels of consciousness. Simultaneously we live experiences from different perspectives, perceptions, unconsciously most of them.

"Who am I? Do I know myself?" - with these questions begins the search, the journey into the depths. Does this search ever end? I think it does. When you accept, "I am who I am." And even though there are sides unexplored, you have learnt enough to relax and trust yourself. You know yourself enough to feel at home with yourself, to come back to yourself and stay. The life journey continues - the search stops. You are home, welcoming guests.

So, I know myself through experience, through communication. In words, this knowledge sounds strange to me, contradictory. And you, if this space resonates with you, will find and know me through the texts, through the healing space that we create, nourish and explore together.

Try to feel in order to decide what's for you, what's not. If this space is for you, well, stay, participate. You are welcome, I thank you for the inner work, I know the value of it and the difficulty of it.

Here I am, instead of talking about myself, I went into another philosophical rant. To add some specifics:

I am a certified healing practitioner. I have extensive training in holistic and alternative healing practices, and specialise in the use of energy healing, family constellations, energy and physical massages, meditation, emotional intelligence coaching, language teaching and more.

I have been practicing healing for over 11 years, and my experience includes working with individuals and groups of all ages. My goal is to help my clients to achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Healing is my passion and my life path.

And beyond that, I invite you to feel and get to know us through presence and communication.

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